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Teatro / Videoclip

DIRECTION/ Linda Kelvink, Federico Grazzini, Tommaso Orbi

ARTWORK/ Linda Kelvink

ass PRODUZIONE VIDEO/ Fulvia Orifici

ORIGINAL FOOTAGE/ Csc – Archivio Nazione Cinema d’Impresa, Archivio del Movimento Operaio e Democratico, Fondazione Paolo Cresci, Archivio Privato Beppe Fenocchio

MUSIC WORDS/ Tommaso Massimo and Federico Grazzini

ACTOR/ Pietro Traldi

VOICE AND GUITAR/ Tommaso Massimo

PRODUCTION/ Monkey Dive Productions

"Fernet"  is a project in which theater, music and video art come together. Thirteen animated videos were created for this play, in which Pietro, a young man fleeing the Second World War, leaves the hills of the Langhe (Piedmont, Italy) to go to New York in search of a better future. Two music-videos called 'La strada ferrata' and 'Il Faro' were made from the videos of the play, as singles of the album "Fernet" by the music group Petralana. The animation technique is mixed: 2D animation in digital painting and rotoscoping over archive footage and new footage, created for the play.

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