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Producer, Author  

After graduating in Biology in 2015, Federico choses for a career twist, opting for the artistic field. 

From 2008 he was working in over 15 festivals, consolidating his production background in the environment.

Now, he’s an inside member of Artissima staff (one of the biggest international contemporary art fairs) and Production Manager for Seeyousound Music Film Festival (international event revolving around music films).

From 2016 he starts off as a director and producer of fiction, bringing to life 6 shorts, among which the last one has been presented at ShorTS International Film Festival. 

In 2018 he co-creates “Kilo’s Mind”, an experimental animation series broadcasted on Instagram. This project drew the attention of a national broadcaster that he’s dealing for TV production.

In 2020: he becomes producer of the Studio, working towards European co-production and creating a network on a national level; he founds AION Collective, a reality working on Immersive Sound Experiences, focusing now on videogames, VR, and 360 videos.


Kilo's Early Show (TV Series, 26x2', target 6-9, 2d)(in development) - Creator and Author

- Onde (Short, 17’, fiction)(2020) - Author and Director

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