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TV Series

CREATOR/ Cristina Mazzocchi, Federico Turani

WRITER/ Cristina Mazzocchi

ART DIRECTOR/ Francesco Forti

Status: development

"Kilo's Early Show" is a kind of "David Letterman Show" for children, featuring Kilo, a stage animal who (unfortunately) has the gift of speech. When he’s under the spotlight, he’s capable of doing anything, including directing a television program in which he deals with fundamental issues for children, deepening (so to speak) their doubts, difficulties, their dreams and fears. Besides him, there are his best friends Pip (the yellow dog) who holds the camera and Pisto (the black dog) who is responsible for reproducing sounds and activating audio-video clips from a console. Everything is set up in their bedroom, like for normal fourteen-year-olds.

Our protagonist tackles each topic with habitual immaturity. He never fails to have his say and creates havoc by good-naturedly making fun of those present in the "studio". Often, however, safety itself is put to test by the unexpected events that arise during the Show. Kilo is not always just as right as he thinks.

Instagram format:

The show has an Ig profile which has daily publications of posts and stories (on average of 5 contents per day).

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