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DIRECTOR/ Salvatore Centoducati

2D ANIMATION/ Giulio de Toma, Ruben Pirito

3D ANIMATION/ Salvatore CentoducatiEleonora Bertolucci

BACKGROUND/ Eleonora Bertolucci, Giulio De Toma, Ruben Pirito

In a peaceful administration office, a young man waits for his turn to get a document stamped. However, for the woman on duty, to obtain that stamp is no piece of cake. 'Office Kingdom' is a short film made at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (Animation school), which has been successful in many festivals and online. But the most extraordinary thing was to discover a pirated re-dubbed Russian version of the film which has obtained thousands of viewings on the web! No better audience award than this… it’s all yours to discover;)


ICFF Italian Contemporary Film Festival (Miglior Cortometraggio), Hamburg Animation Award (Miglior Character Design), Animex International Festival of Animation and Computer Games (Miglior film su commissione), gLocal Film Festival (Premio Miglior Corto d'Animazione), Sirius Film Festival (Menzione Speciale), Alpignano Let's Movie - Alpignano Film Festival (Premio Migliore Cortometraggio), Anim!Arte - Festival Internacional de Animação Estudantil do Brasil (Second Place Jury Award International Students,Third Place Audience Award International Students), Freeky Creek Short Film Festival (Freekinâ Pretty Award), Golden Orchid International Animation (Audience Choice Award Animated Short Film), Halloween Fest Life, Death and Zombies (Best in Show Honorable Mention Animation), Notorius Film Festival (Menzione della Giuria), Cartoon Club - Festival Internazionale del Cinema d’Animazione e del Fumetto (Premio Signor Rossi).

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