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Director, Art Director, Animator

In 2013 Salvatore makes a short film entitled "Premonition" that wins an award at the International Film Festival of Rome. He then graduates in animation at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in 2014, with the short film "Office Kingdom". The film receives many prizes and is screened in international festivals worldwide.
In 2016 he joins IBRIDO and first works on the short film entitled "The Steinway", produced by Cinecittà-Istituto Luce, then directs the short film "Water Hunters", commissioned by the Piedmont Region. In 2018 he publishes his first Graphic Novel entitled "Con i Sassi nel Cuore", Hazard Edizioni. He currently also teaches in the Imaster-Art school in Turin.


- Scarpe (Short, 23’, 2d/3d)(in development) - Author and Director

Water Hunters (Short, 7’, 2d/3d)(2016) - Director and Writer

Office Kingdom (Short, 7’, 2d/3d)(2013) - Director

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