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Director, Writer, Animator

After graduating at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (Turin - Italy) with the film Where are you hiding (2013), Victoria studies direction for animation at La Poudrière animation school in Valence (France), where she directs the film Giggino 'o bello (2015). She works as a 2D animator at Cartoon Network in London and as director’s assistant on Yoyo, an animated TV series for children, in Turin. She is currently developing a 26 minute TV special entitled Tufo, a co-production between Italy and France.


- Tufo (Short, 24', doc/2d)(in production) - Author and Director

- Giggino O’ Bello (Short, 4’, stop-motion)(2015) - Author and Director

- Dove Ti Nascondi (Short, 7’, 2d)(2013) - Author and Director

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