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TV Series

CREATOR/ Massimo Ottoni


ART DIRECTOR/ Francesco Forti


Technique: 2d animation

Episodes: 26x7'

Target: 6-9

Status: development, financing

- Cartoon Springboard (2019)

- Funny Faces (RAI pitch, 2019)

- CEE Animation Forum (2021)

- Cartoon Forum (2021)

"So children, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

The teacher asks the class this question which triggers the wild imagination of the unprepared but imaginative Anselmo, who sees himself grappling with the different professions, exploring the most classic kind of jobs and the strangest ones, in constant competition with his classmate, the talented Letizia. Amid a thousand misadventures in a series of tragicomic undertakings, Anselmo will succeed every time in achieving his goals, making the audience laugh but also think about the working world and its paradoxes. The stories will provide ideas on how to deal with issues such as gender equality at work and the value of work in all jobs, even the humblest ones. Because every job, if done with commitment and passion, can be best job in the world! The project was presented to Cartoon Springboard (2019) and is currently under development.

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