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Director, Writer, Animator

After graduating in Literature, Music and Entertainment at La Sapienza, university of Rome, Massimo specializes in animation at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia of Turin, where he graduates with the short film "Imperium Vacui" (2014). In the following years he makes short films that win awards in international festivals: "The Steinway" (2016), "Water Hunters" (2016) and "Corkscrewed" (2019). He has taught animation at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia of Turin and at the IED in Milan. He is co-founder of IBRIDO and collaborates as animation professional on projects of various kinds, ranging from 2D animation to CGI, but always maintaining a special passion for Stop-motion.


- Anselmo Wannabe (TV series, 26x7’, target 6-9, 2d)(in development) - Author and Director

- Corkscrewed (Short, 4', stop-motion)(2019) - Director and Writer

- H.O.M. (VR, 20’, fiction)(2019) - Writer

- Water Hunters (Short, 7’, 2d/3d)(2016) - Director

- Lo Steinway (Short, 17', stop-motion)(2016) - Author and Director

- Imperium Vacui (Short, 5’, stop-motion)(2014) - Author and Director

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