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DIRECTOR/ Massimo Ottoni

SCREENPLAY/ Andrea Molesini

D.O.P./ Massimo Ottoni

EDITING/ Massimo OttoniSalvatore Centoducati

BACKGROUND/ Martina Carosso, Chiara Tessera, Francesca Quatraro

OST/ Fabio Barovero

SOUND EDITING/ Vito Martinelli

ANIMATION/ Linda Kelvink, Massimo Ottoni, Mathieu Narduzzi, Francesca Quatraro

PRODUCER/ Sergio Toffetti

PRODUCTION/ Istituto Luce Cinecittà, CSC Animazione, Film Commission Torino Piemonte

After almost 9 months making (practically a pregnancy), this film came out as a mixture of Stop-Motion animation and 2D digital animation, which makes it a hybrid in itself. Here you will find the brotherhood, humour and melancholy of a beautiful and terrible war affair. Nobody can forget life on the front, as it has been narrated by the past generations, but this film focuses on the details of everyday life and reveals the sensations, dreams and emotions of the protagonists of an unusual story.


Nastri d'Argento (Finalista, Menzione Speciale), Giffoni Film Festival (Miglior Film Generator +18 - 2° Classificato), Animatrix (Finlandia) (Miglior Film), Civitanova Film Festival (Miglior Animazione), Filmare la Storia (Premio Paolo Gobetti), Voghera Film Festival (Miglior Animazione), Anima Mundi (Brasile) (Selezione Ufficiale), Stop Trick (Polonia) (Miglior film), Piccolo Festival d'Animazione (Menzione Speciale), ShorTS International Film Festival (Miglior Montaggio).

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