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The adventures of two thieves in a dystopian future, where water has become a currency and it is exchanged to buy food which is produced by water itself. The two thieves, once rivals and now allies, after a long race through intensive farming and very few examples of responsible consumption, are forced to compare the harsh reality of a devastated and barren land with their memories from childhood, where perhaps, despite everything, another future could still be written.



Males Corto (Premio Cinema Ecologia), Torino Underground Film Festival (Menzione Speciale), Trieste Science+Fiction Festival (Selezione Ufficiale), LIFE AFTER OIL International Film Festival (Selezione Ufficiale), Cartoon Club - Festival Internazionale del Cinema d’Animazione e del Fumetto (Selezione Ufficiale), Festival SiciliAmbiente (Selezione Ufficiale), Too Short To Wait (Selezione Ufficiale).

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